Hydraulic Repair and Service

We have a specialist repair section and supply a warrantied high quality hydraulic repair service or a straight forward hydraulic service.

We specialise in the following repairs:

  • Hydraulic Round Line Cylinder repair
  • Hydraulics Tie Rod Cylinder repair
  • Hydraulic Welded Construction Cylinder repair
  • Pneumatic Cylinder NFPA Heavy Duty repair
  • CETOP Industrial Valve repair
  • Proportional Industrial Valve repair
  • Servo Control Valve repair
  • Accumulator repair, both Bladder and Piston, we offer test certification in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directives
  • Hydraulic Pump repair and Motor repair (Piston, Vane, Gear)

Our service team can provide repairs to all leading product manufacturer products. We always try to provide you with genuine replacements parts, which we believe is vital so you know that you are getting a lasting repair which we guarantee for 12-months. If we are unable to repair using genuine parts we will let you know and provide our best warranty period based on the product used.

So often customers come to Hedley for repairs of their hydraulic products because we provide a fair assessment of what is required to solve the problem. We don’t just 'make do' like others. We’re confident that we provide value for money, our inspections are free when you place an order to repair the unit, otherwise we charge an inspection fee which is dependent on the size of the component or machine. If your product is deemed beyond economical repair, we will quote for a replacement and return your old equipment. All repairs are covered by a warranty for the work done, we can advise additionally once we have seen your product.

Hydraulic Service and Repair Bay

With all repairs the product is carefully dismantled a detailed visual inspection is carried out, whilst all necessary analysis and measurement is performed in line with the manufacturers guidelines and industry standards. We will always try to re-work damaged or badly worn components and our aim is to return the product to you in working order, confident that failure will not result under normal working conditions.

All work is fully documented and guaranteed, we will always afford you our quickest method to return the product to you.

Service contracts and total maintenance packages are available, this is particularly relevant for existing machinery in factories, assembly lines and in the field. We are very experienced in being able to provide complete hydraulic system and test rig refurbishments.

We are often called to provide refurbishment for existing HPU’s that are critical to manufactures revenue and therefore cannot be out of action for any period. Machine utilisation and optimisation can often be improved. We can review your machine and determine what is required to improve machine performance. We will repair on-site where possible, however if we do need to take machinery away we will work with you to ensure we suit your deadlines. We know that any machine downtime costs money and revenue is lost. Often a HPU with regular service and preventative maintenance will provide a more stable platform, with less down time meaning less hassle for all concerned.

We can come to site to carry a review, advise on safety improvements, HPU upgrades and ensure that you are getting the best value for money within your maintenance budget.

Hydraulic Oil Analysis

  • Hydraulic oil analysis, particle counting using Parker LCM 20 laser counter
  • On site oil analysis to provide a complete breakdown of the oil cleanliness and the specific particles that are contained in your oil
  • Installation of Parker ICOUNT in line particle counters, a quick and reliable method to provide you with instant low cost oil cleanliness levels. We can install these to your existing machine with our installation team
  • On-site flushing and oil clean up for your existing HPU or ‘Ring Main’ system, loan the flushing rigs or purchase these as you require