Hydraulic locking actuators 

Hydraulic presses 

Hydraulic accumulators 

Hydraulic systems in die-casting 

Hydraulic ram 


Hydraulic systems are a popular choice in manufacturing.  They help reduce costs by allowing materials processing without additional power.  They help increase efficiency and downtime. 

Hydraulic presses in industrial machine shops, hydraulics can help safeguard against human error and mechanical failures. Hydraulic presses are large machines designed to compress large objects with a ram.   

Hydraulic locking actuators can be used as a safety measure on machines they can be designed as a guaranteed failsafe, we can tailor fit these to your requirements.  

Hydraulic systems for large die-casting operations, accumulators enable die-casting hydraulic systems to readjust to different speeds of acceleration during operation.  

Automotive parts presses used for stamping and forming parts.   

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