Blue Rig  

Operating Conditions:   

  • 415V supply 
  • Flow range from 0 to 80 litres per minute 
  • Pressure range from: low pressure 0 -250 bar and high pressure 5-420 bar
  • Capable of filtering down to NAS1638 3 (ISO4406 14/12/09) with suitable filter elements 
  • Capacity = 400 litre tank 
  • Rig is on wheels and can be lifted by FLT for mobility 
  • Suitable lifting points built in 


  • 1.37m wide x 1.9m long x 1.7m high 

Optional Equipment: 

  • On line particle counter availble
  • Test equipment for pressure, flow and temperature available 


The above unit is available with or without a trained technician for short or long-term hire. If the unit is required on a hire only basis then a day’s training course charge will be applicable. 

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