With many years of hands on experience, Hedley has lots of examples of test stands we can design and build for market applications such as: 

  • Military hydraulic aircraft test rigs 

  • Civilian aircraft test rigs, hydraulic and pneumatic 

  • Industrial directional control valve test stands 

  • Material impact test stands 

  • Helicopter fuel tank simulator test stands 

  • Helicopter gearbox pressure intensification test stands 

  • Oil cleanliness and filtration test stands 

  • Turbocharger oil test stands 

  • Accumulator test stands 

  • Cartridge valve setting and test stands 

  • Cooler test rigs

  • Flow and purge rigs 

  • ATEX test stands

  • Helicopter hydraulic actuator test rigs 

  • Off road machinery hydraulic valve pressure, flow and hysteresis testing 

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