Power pack 

Particle counters (online) 




Hose & fiitings 


For Renewable Energy applications the power levels vary widely and the extremes are uncertain. 


  • Hydraulic power units for solar energy 

  • Hydraulic system using hydraulic accumulators to store hydraulic power and utilise solar power to generate and store a reservoir of high-pressure hydraulic fluid that can be used as required to operate subsea valves on a mooring buoy. 


For wind turbines to be successful the gear box needs to be robust, reliable, and long lasting and minimise wastage. 

Hydraulic cylinders are used in pitch control systems, allowing the angle of the rotor blades to be varied quickly and precisely through a cam action. 

Employment of effective filtration and taking care sizing these devices (eliminating pressure loss) and condition monitoring solutions for consistent reliable operation and minimising operation costs. 

Water (tidal energy) 

Hydraulic ram system  

Wave powered water pump, cylinders 

Hydraulic system 


In nuclear power plants the goal is to calculate the amount of heat that is transferred in various systems under considerations. In particular, heat, which is generated in the nuclear fuel elements, has to be transferred to coolant and finally converted into kinetic energy in turbines. And careful consideration to prevent overheating. All these processes involve various means of heat transfer combined together. The overall heat transfer analysis in a nuclear system is a very complex task. Thermal- hydraulics are used to predict temperature distributions. 

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology 

Hydraulic power units for use with hydrogen vehicle refueling.   

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