Tests often include functional performance of products after the initial build process, the test rig being the first pass of fluid through the unit, where 100% checks are carried out to ensure product suitability. 

Test rigs can be used for product testing in relation to durability and fatigue testing, this will require a rigorous selection of products to drive the machine to ensure that the rig will stand up to the longevity of the test process. In addition, test rigs we have supplied in the past are used to perform predictive modelling techniques. 

Hedley design engineers have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with a test rig that will function as you expect, we work closely to ensure that your needs and requirements are met. We can provide you with a complete PLC controlled unit, recording and data logging all parameters that you set, via HMI for easy downloading allowing records to be provided as often as required. 

Hedley has supplied test stands for market applications such as: 

  • Military hydraulic aircraft test rigs 

  • Civilian aircraft test rigs, hydraulic and pneumatic 

  • Industrial directional control valve test stands 

  • Material impact test stands 

  • Helicopter fuel tank simulator test stands 

  • Helicopter gearbox pressure intensification test stands 

  • Oil cleanliness and filtration test stands 

  • Turbocharger oil test stands 

  • Accumulator test stands 

  • Cartridge valve setting and test stands 

  • Cooler test rigs

  • Flow and purge rigs 

  • ATEX test stands

  • Helicopter hydraulic actuator test rigs 

  • Off road machinery hydraulic valve pressure, flow and hysteresis testing 


We also offer hydraulic power units. Hedley Hydraulics are dedicated to offering bespoke solutions for your needs and offer true turnkey solutions and a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Contact us today to see how we can help build you a cost effective solution for your hydraulic pump test rig or other innovative test systems. 

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