On-site Services

When you need a hydraulic engineer to come to your company site.

Helipad Landing SimulatorWe have our own manufacturing facilities for system building and in-house test procedures but sometimes you just can’t come to us, so our engineers can visit you. 

We install all systems and test rigs at our end user locations, having control and ownership from ‘system design’ to ‘switch on’ this is an important consideration, you need to be sure you get what you asked for!  If you are looking for hydraulic project management; Our project team will ensure that you have the confidence to know that we have ‘one point’ of contact throughout the process, and we’re passionate about our work.

If it’s a new hydraulic system that needs commissioning or an existing system which needs diagnosis, fault finding, maintenance or asset tracking to reduce downtime.  Get in touch and we will be happy to visit your site for hydraulic installation or hydraulic services.

We can install a wide variety of pipe work systems to include the following:

  • DIN Parker EO, EO+ and EO Form metric tube sealing arrangements (non-weld tube jointing process)
  • Welded construction pipework, including Butt Weld, Silver soldering, pickle, clean and flush processes
  • Triple-Lok
  • O-Lok

We are very capable of installing your complete machinery, to include bund arrangements for control system leakage and preventing oil ingress to parts of your workshop or the environment. We specialise in this with the Hull Barrier.

Hedley Hydraulics Limited in the UK has provided the Hull Flood Barrier Defence system operated for the UK Environmental Agency with a complete integrated pipe work installation and bund arrangement as part of the facilities upgrade to a hydraulically control. Hedley needed to install the pipe work alongside a multi-disciplined team of suppliers for this project working to tight delivery schedules to ensure that the Flood Barrier was operational with the minimum downtime period.

The integration of the pipe work system by Hedley Hydraulics needed to be to exacting standards, time based and closely project managed. Working closely with the Mechanical & Engineering Design authority, the Hydraulic Power Unit supplier, and Civil contractor; Hedley Hydraulics ensured that the pipework installation and bund arrangement went to pre-agreed deadlines.

With some 1200 meters of hydraulic pipe work installed and a bund holding capacity of 1200 litres of oil should a system failure occur; the Environmental Agency were insistent that no hydraulic leaks should be capable of entering the Humber Estuary resulting in damage to local marine wildlife and the fragile ecosystem in the area. Hedley incorporated into the project Parker’s EO Form, high pressure formed tube system, designed to eliminate leakage when used in fluid systems.

The project was taken in stages, with a full ‘mock up’ of the installation taking place outside Hull, to ensure a smooth transition prior to carrying out the actual installation within the Hull Flood Barrier. Work on the barrier was challenging, all products had to be lifted into place at the top of each tower, Hedley utilised a 3-Dimensional design package to ensure that the design of pipework fully integrated within the building, HPU supplier and of course the structure of the building.

John Massey, Director of Hedley Hydraulics said ‘the installation of the pipework and bund arrangement was a challenging project, delivering a solution, within a tight timeframe, within a multi-disciplined team was of paramount importance, we are proud of our achievements for the City of Hull and our customers’.