Hedley Hydraulics provides guidance and practical advice on hydraulic, lubrication and coolant filtration techniques that should be applied to systems - either new or existing in the field.

We have the technical resources to provide the correct filtration technologies that conform to your every requirement.

We supply a wide range of manufacturer’s products, specifically distributing the Parker Hannifin Filtration product range. We guarantee Parker quality with every ParFit replacement element provided. Many are patented to ensure quality and reliability to the end user.

The ParFit interchange element, with more than 30,000 standard off the shelf variations available, means that there should be a ParFit element that will suit your application every time. We can convert all manufacturer’s filter elements and replace them with a ParFit element, this means that you can reduce stock holding, reduce costs and be sure of high quality performance. We have interchange elements for Pall, Hydac, Internormen, Mahle, MP Filtri & Donaldson.

We also hold extensive stocks of ParFit elements from our ParkerStore depot in Gateshead.

We hold a range of products:

  • Low, medium and high pressure filters
  • Low pressure return line tank top and in line filters
  • Tank top air breathers
  • Suction filters
  • Metal and plastic filler breathers
  • Reservoir products, such as level indicators, temperature gauges and thermostats

The vast majority of hydraulic system failures, depending on the circumstances, are due to oil contamination. Cleanliness monitoring is essential in contamination control, as selecting the right filter components and oil type will balance these with the system duty cycle.

We have a number of products that are available that can be used to test the oil for contaminants. We can perform contamination control tests using the following products:

  • IcountLCM20 contamination monitor
  • Universal bottle sampler
  • IcountBS bottle sampler
  • Single point sampler
  • System 20 sensors and monitors
  • MCM20 autoremote monitor
  • IcountPD particle detector
  • Icount monitoring system
  • H2Oil – water in oil monitor
  • Moisture sensor range
  • Oilcheck monitor

We are able to visit your location to carry out these tests. We also offer a bottle sample test where we provide you with an ISO clean bottle (bottle of a known cleanliness level), which you return to us so we can carry out a detailed laboratory analysis. The test results are very comprehensive, and can include the following critical analysis:

  • Spectrochemical analysis of over 20 wear metals and additives.
  • Particle count reported over five size ranges. The particle count is expressed as an ISO cleanliness code. It is also plotted on a graph for better comparisons.
  • Viscosity at 40°C, 100°C, Viscosity Index and TAN are reported.
  • Water content is expressed as a percentage of volume. Many hydraulic systems may tolerate up to 300 ppm (.03%) of water contamination. Some bearing or lube oil systems must strictly limit water content.
  • Analysis recommendations indicates what action should be taken to prevent any potential problems.
  • Fast turnaround— for Spectro-chemical analysis allow just 7 days.

We carry extensive stock of all the products we distribute so we can usually despatch your order same day. All products are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.