Hydraulic Design

Translation of your own drawings into 3D using SolidWorks.

As an extra service to our customers we can convert your own 2 dimensional hydraulic drawings into 3D using our 2 and 3 Dimensional SolidWorks software. This latest version of SolidWorks provides top quality design solutions that will allow an understanding of technical plans within your business and to external stakeholders.

Our skilled design team can work with your detailed specification and design your hydraulic system.  Pictured is the design of a hydraulic test rig recently designed, assembled and tested for our customer in the Aircraft Industry. This machine is used to flush and pressure test using white spirt, the unit complies with ATEX regulations.

No matter how complex we would be interested to support you with the design, right through to manufacture and installation.  Pictured is a hydraulic pipework design that we have installed on a system.  The CAD design work carried out, allows pre-fabrication of pipework in our workshops and therefore reducing the amount of time needed for on-site installation.

Pictured is the design of a small hydraulic power unit, we hold parts of these units and we can build a HPU bespoke to your requirements within a few days of you confirming your requirements.  No matter how large or small the project, if you require hydraulic design please contact Hedley Hydraulics.

Small HPU Drawing
Test Rig Drawing
Large HPU Drawing
Pipework installation Drawing