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Hedley Hydraulics feature as an Engineering Specailist in The Parliamentary Review 2019.

Julia Jagger | September 24, 2019

Chaired by Lord Blunkett and Lord Pickles, The Parliamentary Review is an independent, politically neutral platform for news, cross-party commentary and insight from business leaders.

The review is sent to over 500,000 business executives and policy makers across the UK. The publications are by various business sectors. Such as; Finance, Transport, Health Care, Education, Technology and so on, but our own sector was Construction and Engineering. It is an opportunity for businesses to publish information and best practice about their organisation and the Parliamentary Review features Lord Pickles, Lord Blunkett and Andrew Neil and they discussed the challenges ahead.

We are delighted to be featured in The Parliamentary Review and in our article, (more…)

Managing Director, Steve Davies celebrates 40 years service!

Julia Jagger | August 8, 2019

Hedley Hydraulics recently honoured the Managing Director, Steve Davies, for 40 years of service with the company!  Steve joined the company in the late 1970’s as an Engineering Apprentice.  He was working in all aspects of the engineering department; such as machining, fabrication and hydraulic fitting.

Starting his first leadership role in 1999 as Project Manager and later in 2006 taking on full Directorial responsibilities.  Steve’s length of service from grass roots through to management, means he is very knowledgeable in his field, a great asset to our company and the fluid power industry in general. (more…)

Why Choose Hydraulics

Julia Jagger | August 1, 2019

There’s nothing like an inquisitive four year old mind to get you thinking.  The latest question was; 

‘How does my water pistol work?’

When I gave it some thought, it’s basically a simplified version of a hydraulic ram but the liquid is water.  So I tried to explain it simply so he would understand. I said; 

‘When you press the trigger, it forces the water through the pistol to the narrow hole at the end and the water squirts out fast’.


Addressing the skills gap

Julia Jagger | July 2, 2019

In the manufacturing sector there is a growing skills gap. The government introduced The Apprenticeship Levy and investment into technology institutes in May 2017. But what else could be done? Could there be more targeted promotion and incentives for young people doing the Engineering GCSE or apprenticeships, improve the image of the industry and promote the job prospects.

Industry 4.0: The importance of getting more efficiency out of the manufacturing process

Julia Jagger | June 15, 2018

The Annual Manufacturing Report (AMR) 2018, published by Hennik Research and produced by The Manufacturer and supported and sponsored by lots of top industry names.  Discusses the need to future-proof your business, in-order to evolve fast enough for the end consumer.

From a hydraulics perspective, it’s interesting reading about Industry 4.0 and the opportunity we must take to advance.  However, I can see how it can be quite a daunting prospect and it is a long road yet. (more…)